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Series » A » Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

Release year
Action, Comedy, Sci-fi
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Twelve year old Misaki Suzuhara never thought of herself as a champion. She especially didn't think of herself as a fighter. That is, not until she came to Tokyo to live with her aunt Shouko and search for the mom she hasn't seen in years. As soon as she arrives, little Misaki sees a giant video screen showing a battle between two women: a larger one garbed in black, and a smaller one wearing white. Enthralled at their amazing fight, Misaki immediately falls in love with the game when the smaller woman wins. In this game, she sees, size doesn't matter. Curious to know more, Misaki has the good luck of running into an older man who goes by 'Icchan,' wiggles about like a serpent, is prone to sudden crazy behavior, and becomes her mentor in the game. The women, he reveals, are actually dolls called Angels, and they are controlled by players called Deuses in the game Angelic Layer. Anyone, even someone as young and as little as Misaki, can play. Hooked by his words of encouragement, Misaki buys her very own Angel which she names Hikaru. Showing amazing natural talent, she quickly makes many friends in the Angelic Layer community, including a kindergarten girl who is an Angelic Layer genius, her big brother who gets a crush on Misaki, and his childhood friend who regularly practices her karate moves on him. Soon her confidence grows and Misaki and Hikaru are headed for the national games. But what does Icchan have to do with the tournament? And could her long lost mother have a part in all this? Packed with amazing battles, quirky humor, and even budding love, Angelic Layer is a fun-filled trip of empowerment and discovery that everyone can enjoy, no matter how big or little, old or young.
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