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How To Watch Series Free Online

Notice: This page is under development. Please have patience while we update it to the new design.
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      A list of The Latest Popular Episodes, The Most Popular Shows, FULL TV Schedule, The Other Latest Episodes..

    • Series

      All series by popularity, All A-Z sorted series.

    • Newest episode added

      The most recently uploaded new episodes.

    • This week's popular episodes

      A list of The Most popular (most watched) episodes of the week.

    • TV Schedule

      TV Schedule, where you can search by days - there are buttons at the top "yesterday", "today", "tomorrow", etc.

    • TV Shows Genres

      The place where you can search series by genres, A-Z sorted series.

    • Contact us

      You can use the Contact us form to communicate with us easily just by choosing the wanted topic and submitting your message.

  • Account

    • How to create a new account?
      1. Click on the "Join" button:

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      2. When the registration form appears, you'll have to choose a valid e-mail address, your account name, enter and confirm your password in the proper fields:

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      3. Click the "Register!" button and your registration is complete. You're now ready to fully enjoy our site.

    • How to manage my account?
      1. You can use the "Follow" button to follow/unfollow your favourite Series/TV-Shows. When a show is being followed, it will automatically appear in the "My Feed" and "My Tracked Shows" sections:

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      2. The "(Un)Mark As Watched" button - You can use that button to mark/unmark you favourite Series/TV-shows as "Watched". (You can do that also by putting a tick in the checkbox next to the episode you've watched)

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      3. The "My Feed" section - Here you can find the Series/TV-Shows you followed sorted by air-date. You can either chose to see all episodes or just the ones you have not marked as watched.

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      4. If you follow too many shows, only the last 200 episodes will show up in your feed. To change that, you can use the dropdown menu. However, this will only go up to 2000 episodes. After that we recommend removing some of the older shows, which you already finished watching.
        Note: A good way to check if it`s time to reduce the number of shows you follow is to scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if the number on the left matches the one in the dropdown menu.

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  • General

    • How to search?

      There are a few ways to find what you are looking for:

      1. If you know which TV-Show you want to watch, you can type the name of the series and press the "Search" button.

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      2. If you are looking for something interesting and new, you can use the main menu buttons:

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    • How to watch series online?

      After you find your favourite show, choose the episode you want to watch and click on it. For example:

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      Then you must choose a specific link to watch (you should click "Watch This Link!"):

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      When you click "Watch This Link!", a new page will show up, where you should click the "Click Here to Play" button:

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      Then you should click on the "Play" button to play the actual video.

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    • What can I do with the buttons - "Report Link" and "Add Link"?
      Report Link
      If there is something wrong with the link, you can report it and we'll remove it or fix it.
      Add Link
      Here you can add more links to the series. If you click it, a window will appear where you must type the season of the series, the episode, the title and the link to it. Then click "Add Link". It is illegal to intentionally post links to copyright infringing content. Please read the link adding guidelines before you add links.
    • Why videos do not work for me?

      You need Flash Player or DivX Player. Both of these programs are used everywhere online; their size is small and will not harm your computer. You should download them from here:

      DivX Player

      Flash Player

    • Why does the video often stop and say "Buffering" or "Loading"?

      The speed depends on many things such as connections. We suggest you let the episode load, press pause, let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, then you can start watching it.